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hello my joyful friends,

It has been too long. I have faced some challenges the past few weeks that have had me, well, occupied. I am tempted to fall back on platitudes like, “Life is difficult”, from one of my all-time favorite books, The Road Less Traveled

Life is hard.  You never know what lies around the corner. I have learned that there is one thing you can count on. Change. Change is inevitable.  Which, is a comfort now that I understand it.  If I am feeling sad, that will change. For sure!  And, when I am happy, I know that will change too.  The lesson?  Go with the flow?

For the past 30 years or so, I’ve been on a path.  It wasn’t a bad path, it just wasn’t my path. The path was chosen for me. I was led down the path by someone who seemed to care about me, but didn’t listen to me.  They talked so loud they couldn’t hear me and rarely asked me what I wanted.  Or, after a time, I didn’t even know what I wanted.  I was already on the path that was expected. I figured it was the right path.  But now I understand it wasn’t my path.

I am on a different path now. I chose this path. I am being led down this path by a power greater than myself.   I’m not sure where the path goes so it’s a little scary.  For the first time in my life I am on my own.  But, I have support.  I have two beautiful children who have grown into beautiful people and love me, a sister who is always there for me, a community of women who support me, and friends who care very much.  I also have a strong belief in my God.  So, whatever adventures lie ahead, I’m ready. 

This is a big change. And for someone like me who has resisted change at every turn, it feels like a new way of life.  To have faith that whatever happens was meant to be.  To understand that I am right where I’m supposed to be.  So, instead of wrestling with life, trying to make it go my way, I surrender.  I trust. 

I deserve to be happy.  I deserve the love I’ve been trying to give everyone else.  I am enough. 

Until we meet again,


Faith: unquestioning belief that does not require proof or evidence; trust, conviction, reliance, surrender

Surrender: to yield to the power; give in, abandon, cede