Here goes nuthin.

Hello my joyful friends,

Shout out to all the bloggers, writers, and procrastinators! Today I am joining the ranks of the millions of bloggers out there.  A year ago I knew what a blog was; at least I thought I did.  I’m a middle-aged, empty nester.  And, I love it.  At least I was until my daughter came home from college for spring break and never left.  There is a nasty flu going around and it has caused the country, nar I say, the world, to come to a screeching halt. 

See, that’s my problem.  Tangents!  I go off on a tangent and forget what I was trying to say.  Today, I am a blogger.  I set aside an hour of time to blog.  This is my third session.  These are the first 130 words I’ve written.  Day one the tangent was, reading about blogging, and then finding a domain.  2.5 hours later I own  Self explanatory I hope, “I am aging joyfully!” (“I am” affirmation!).  I feel the pull of the tangent, but am righting the course…day two was “mapping my domain to the host” which isn’t as easy as it sounds, well, actually it sounds hard to me.  1.5 hours.  Still, no words on paper.

Day three – 1 hour spent “chatting” with my domain site trying to get the “mapping” right.  Oh lordy!  The good news is that, today, at this moment in time, I AM A BLOGGER!  Yay me!  My birthday, “gulp” is on Sunday so happy birthday to me!

So, what am I blogging about?  My favorite topic, me!  I AM totally self centered and think my experiences, thoughts, insights, are completely appropriate to share with the world.  Specifically, I’ll be talking, blogging, writing, whatever, about my experience with growing old.  And, my attempt to do so with joyful enthusiasm.  I mean really, if we don’t laugh we’ll cry!  Right? 

I’ll tell you the exact moment I knew I needed to be a blogger.  I am experiencing signs of aging, (we’ll talk more about that later), and in this particular instance I decided to visit my local drug store in search of something to make my toe better.  This would be my second visit within a few weeks, to find something to cure an ailment on my foot.  The first, visit a few weeks earlier, was for a blister I had on the outside of my pinky toe.  It just wouldn’t go away and hurt like hell.  (Am I, a blogger, allowed to say “hell”?) So I spotted this little round cushion with a hole in the middle of it, and I thought “Perfect!”  Then I saw that this cute little doohickey was for corns!!!???!!!  I had a corn??!!  No, no, no…corns are what old people have, right?  But, onward and upward, I’ve been treating the corn for a week or two now, it’s a little better. 

That day, (yes, the day realized I had to be a blogger, try and keep up people!) I wanted to see if there was anything to help the discomfort of this weird thickening of the nail on the toe right next to the big toe on the same foot. As I strolled down the foot care aisle, again, I saw this little thingamajig that would prop my toe up so it didn’t point down in my shoe where that callous was on the end of my toe.  This device was for, wait for it, oh God, no, it can’t be…a HAMMERTOE!  What the hell! (I’m just gonna keep saying it when appropriate, my apologies to all who are offended)  Yes, it appears I have a hammertoe. 

Now, I know you are wondering how my stroll down the foot care aisle, and subsequent thought to purchase stock in Dr. Scholl’s, (Private Company – drat!) led to my blog.  Here’s the truth, as embarrassing as it is.  I was driving home from the drug store that day, practicing, yes practicing, in my head, the hysterically funny story I was going to tell my recently returned home from college, 20 year old daughter, about the hammertoe.  Yes, a story about my hammertoe!  An “aha” moment if there ever was one. 

More will be revealed in time.

Ta ta for now!


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